When Thomas Edison was asked about the number of FAILURES he encountered in his quest to develop the electric light bulb, his reply —

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Failure is usually seen as:

  • something that falls short of what is expected, required or hoped for,
  • a decline of breakdown in the performance,
  • inadequate growth, development or production.

The word FAILURE as one of the “F” words that should not be included in our language, especially when speaking in polite society, or when searching for our true self.

“Failure” Banish it, erase it, forget it, delete it, and remove it as far away as possible from your vocabulary. Change the very thought.

From this day forward we are going to use Thomas’ example; anything that is seen as falling short of expectation, a breakdown in performance, inadequate growth, development of production will become a stepping stone, another successful step or rung in your ladder to achieving your goal.

Each of these steps will become marks of achievement to be celebrated. Every rung will provide you with exceptional data, experience or information to bring you closer to meeting your mark.

Failure – bah.

Learning experience – YES.

The next time you encounter something that isn’t going the way you had planned, change the thought of failure to something of thanksgiving and gratitude for what you have just learned.

Here’s to learning new things.