In the Beginning

This is only the beginning of my new adventure and passion:

  • being faithful to my True Self
  • helping others regain sight of their own True Self
  • and, sharing the joy of PLAY along the way.

In this fast paced, electronic, always connected world we have forgotten how to relax, stop, listen, and enjoy what is around us and what we can do with our mind, imagination and body if given a moment to do so.

The Inside the Mirror web launch party was just that – a day to step back, relax and play. Really PLAY. Here are some video clips and photos of the party.

Click below to see the fun-
Launch Party

Don’t worry if you missed it…there will be more to come.

Just for fun: Take out your box a crayons and a blank sheet of paper and let you inner Van Gogh loose… don’t analyze, plan or figure – just put the color on the paper and see what mysteries unfold…. When you’re done – tape your masterpiece on the fridge and admire it. (Don’t you dare judge.) After a day or two, sit back and take a long look, see what comes to mind. Send me an email and let me know the outcome — any thoughts, feeling, memories, emotions… I’ll be waiting.

Happy coloring,