Welcome to Inside the Mirror

Welcome to Inside the Mirror where my wish for each and every one is to see their TRUE REFLECTION. True Reflection is the essential self, the person you were born to be, the unique, one-of-a-kind, open, honest and authentic; the real you.

Seeing my own True Reflection is something I try to do each and every day. Sometimes it’s taking a moment while brushing my teeth looking in the mirror. Sometimes it’s paying close attention to those around me, noticing the reactions and interaction based on my verbal and non-verbal presentation. It also means spending quiet time in internal reflection working through problems and issues that have risen.

Your True Reflection is to love and accept your whole self, following your hearts desires and dreams and most importantly being true to you.

I begin this new journey of sharing myself, my ideas, and expertise in finding and following my dreams by dedicating True Reflections and Inside the Mirror to my children Traci, Troy and Trevor. I could not ask for more love, forgiveness, understanding, and support than they have shown and continue to bestow on me each and every day. They are my TRUE REFLECTIONS. Like they say – sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Traci, Troy and Trevor are living mirrors that reflect back to me the good, kindness, loving, giving, generous, warm hearted, faithfulness, determination and dedication that I have tried to instilled in them. They are also my worst critics, that tend to reflect back to me the very worst that I see in myself. Children are like that; yeah they are.

I continue this dedication to my husband Donnie. I so appreciate your continued support, kicking my ass when it is needed and staying out of the way when I decide to charge full steam ahead. You are always there to pick me up, encourage me, and get me back in the saddle. You allow me to walk around with my head in the clouds but always keep one of my feet on the ground. I love you. Thank you for being you. The one person I know who really sees his True Reflection.

Let the party begin…